What Agents say about the Show

Very interesting event. High level of organization. Thank you very much.

Redkina Elena (Znaniye Centre, Russia)

Сonvenient place&format. WSS staff is very helpful. All schools are different but of high quality. Thank you very much!

Maria Morgacheva (DelArte, Russia)

As always there was a great selection of schools, 30-minute time-slots work perfectly. Keep up the good work!

Daria Kolyaskina (Direkt Talk, Russia)

It was our first experience; I believe it will help our business to grow. Thank you so much!

Natalia Maymur (Big Ben International, Russia)

I have met very interesting schools at the event which will be an ideal choice for some of my clients. The atmosphere at the event is fantastic!

Anastasia Satarina (Lingua Planet, Russia)

The event is absolutely amazing. Great organization, helpful staff and good schools selection. Thank’s for bringing new faces, new schools to Russia. Good luck in the future. Thank’s.

Yulia Matakova (Planet Esperanto / Study Travel, Russia)

Very well organized. 30 minute slot is a perfect time, which is enough for productive meeting. 

Veronika Shaytarova (Edubooker, Russia)

Excellent workshop organization. There were no delays or interruption. Good variety of schools.

Ekaterina Kurbakova (AcademConsult Ltd., Russia)

World Schools Show was organized very well. I recommend for all of schools and university preparation providers to take part in this workshop in the future. I can confirm excellent selection of schools and agents.

Grigory Ugarov (Open World Education Group, Russia)

Very positive. World Schools Show should become regular event.

Irina Mikhailovskaia (Non-state Educational Institution VERA, Russia)